Namath Promises Victory, Jets Shock the World (1969)

The NFL’s Baltimore Colts won 13 of their 14 games during the 1969 season and cruised through the playoffs. They were 19-point favorites to continue the NFL’s dominance over the AFL’s Jets in Super Bowl III. Quarterback Joe Namath would have none of this, telling a crowd of reporters that his Jets would win. Namath was methodical in leading his team to a 16-0 lead through 3 quarters. The Jets would fend off a late charge by Johnny Unitas to win 16-7. They provided us with the single greatest upset in the history of professional sports. It gave the AFL legitimacy, as well as the eventual merger of the two leagues in 1970. The NFL as we know it today exists, in part, due to the efforts of Namath and the Jets on that January day in 1969.

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