The Jets Beat Tom Brady in January (2010)

When Rex Ryan arrived in New York in 2009, he immediately set about changing the perception of the Jets as the “other team in New York”. He was brash, arrogant, and liked to pick fights with other coaches and the occasional player. He was never as brash as he was when discussing the vaunted New England Patriots. He took shots at coach Bill Belichick, and even challenged Tom Brady. One January night in 2011, he got his chance to put his money where his mouth was. The two teams squared off in a Divisional round playoff game in Foxborough, and Ryan’s defense made the vaunted Patriots look anything but super. Brady was solid, but could not combat the pressure from the Jets to make the big plays he needed to make. The Jets’ 28-21 victory marked the first home playoff loss in the Tom Brady Era.

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