The Jets Go From the Worst to Nearly the Best (1998)

After a 1-15 1996 season, The Tuna arrived and slashed and burned New York’s roster. He brought in a solid draft class and a handful of Parcells loyalists from New England and the Giants. The result was immediate. They improved by 8 games, narrowly missing the playoffs on the season’s final afternoon. In 1998, behind the Pro Bowl brilliance of Martin and re-tread quarterback Vinny Testaverde, the Jets finished the regular season 12-4. The Jets dispatched a tough Jacksonville Jaguars team in the Divisional round, and actually entered the 4th quarter of the AFC title game in Denver’s vaunted Mile High Stadium with a 10-7 lead. But the defending champions were too much for them and forged to a 23-10 victory en route to their 2nd straight title.

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